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This is the newest, most exciting blog on the planet! Well, maybe the newest at least.

The thing about being the “newest” and the “best” is that both of those things will change. Soon it will tend towards the “oldest“. And soon, it may lose the distinction, “best“. But as change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever, lets explore the aging and downward spiral of this blog together.

Please enjoy this lighthearted look at Life, Spirituality and Enlightenment.

“As wood decays, it does not disappear.
It is simply transformed into another living thing”

We tend to think of something dying as the “end”. But long before the tree falls, it is slowly being taken apart by fungus and mold.
Atom by atom it is transformed into another living being.

At what point does the tree stop being a tree? Is it when the last leaf falls to the ground? When the branches fall off? Or when the trunk finally falls during a storm?

Philosophical Hermit

When does a raindrop stop being a raindrop and become the ocean?

OK. Enough brain teasers for now. Good questions to contemplate while walking in the woods. So I encourage you to get out there and walk in the woods.

I’ll add more interesting things to this website when I figure out how websites work.

Enjoy the Journey

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