Feed the Hermit

Actually, I don’t require food, but my wife and teenage sons do. So if you feel so inclined to help put some nutritious pop tarts into the hands of some grubby kids, then please feel free to indulge yourself and purchase something through my Amazon link. You can purchase anything. Doesn’t have to be one of the tempting goodies I listed below.

In a world governed by a little tiny virus, even the most virtuous enlightened hermit must change paths and sell his soul to the man 🙂

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” All products below are links to products available through Amazon.com

Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion Pillow

Gaiam is a recognized and reputable brand. Whilst I don’t own this particular meditation cushion, I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Gaiam Meditation Cushion Zabuton Yoga Pillow

If you’ve got bony knees and ankles like me, then this floor cushion is a must.

I don’t personally own this cushion, but I trust the reputation of the folks over at Gaiam.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Meditation Bench – Acacia wood

I made my own Zazen Bench, but out of the ones listed on Amazon, this comes at a great price point. Lots of positive reviews. Has a cushion for comfort and has a rounded base to allow you to adjust your sitting angle.

Checks all the boxes for me.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Tibetan Singing Bowl for Healing and Mindfulness

Singing bowls are a really great way to focus using sound. Follow the vibrations for as long as you can, all the way down into the silence.

These little bowls are an inexpensive foray into singing bowls and look great on your desk when not in use.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Wind Chime

Singing bowls are great, but a windchime that makes its own sweet sound allows you to relax into the sound more easily. The big tubes produce deeper sounds that last longer, so go big or go home.

I don’t own this particular wind chime but it is similar to the one I do.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Chakras Incense Sticks

This is a really great starter set. If you’re serious about attaining Enlightenment, then incense is another great way to tune the senses.

I have used these sticks and they are slow burning and long lasting.

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)


If you don’t need a meditation cushion, singing bowl or incense sticks, then good food to nourish the body should be on everyone’s list.

Remember. My teenagers need pop tarts 🙂

Click here to buy on Amazon (paid link)

Thank you.

This is a lighthearted toe dip into e-commerce that will help with the current Covid situation. I’m a photographer by day. Hermit by night. And there aint not nobody getting their pictures taken right now.