Is Meditation Dangerous?

Is Meditation Dangerous?

I think it’s generally recognized that meditation has some wonderful health benefits and there is nothing inherently harmful about meditation. But like anything that leaves you feeling really good it is open to abuse. During meditation a lot of people feel an overwhelming sense of joy rising and permeating their whole body. It feels like …

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Find Your Center

Find Your Center

We hear that expression a lot in yoga, meditation and spirituality. But what exactly does it mean? What is your center and how do you find it? What is your “center”? We’re not talking about your nearest holistic yoga center. We’re not talking about the center of our galaxy or the universe. We’re talking about …

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Meditating in nature

Should You Meditate in Nature?

When it comes to getting away from the stresses of a hectic modern day life, I can’t think of anything better to do than go for a walk in the woods. Reconnecting with nature for even a few minutes has a wonderful restorative effect on the body. Sunlight warming the skin. Fresh air filling the …

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Mailbox of liberation

Meditation Boot Camp

Last night I just put the finishing touches to the Meditation Boot Camp. Thank you to everyone that saw the first few pages over a week ago and have been waiting patiently ever since. “Patience”The art of not needing to be in control Care Free Hermit The boot camp is an in-depth look at meditation. …

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