Hello world!

Hello World. Hello Universe.

So technically this is my first blog post. I have tons of ideas that will be appearing over the next few lifetimes, but for right now, lets keep it short and sweet.

Hello everyone. Welcome to something exciting…….for me at least. Hope you will join me often on my journey.

Ferns hide in the shadows but show their true beauty when illuminated by the light

Illuminated Hermit
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5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I have always found ferns to be fascinating and now I have an even deeper appreciation of them because of Mat. I love how Mat describes them as they relate to the shadow and light and his photography is stellar. There are lots of things that hide in the shadows but with the LIGHT its beauty is ALWAYS illuminated. I especially love to sit near a lake and watch the sunlight charging all the water particles into a burst of radiant colors. Hint-Mat, maybe you will capture another amazing photo for us spiritual seekers.

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